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5) Why does Macbeth refuse to return to Duncan s room? 3) How has Macbeth convinced the murders to kill Banquo? 1) What change do you notice in the relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth? 2) To what incident does Lady Macbeth compare Macbeth s seeing of the ghost? How does this contrast with the way Macbeth was described earlier in the play? Scene 2 ACT 5 Scene 2 4) What is ironic about Macbeth s statement: And damned all those that trust them? 6) What change does Macbeth decide to make to his character? 2) Why does Malcolm pretend that he has so many terrible faults and that he would be a very bad king? Note Macduff s reaction as it will be compared to Macbeth s reaction in a similar situation later in the play. 3) Compare Macbeth s reaction to hearing of the death of his wife to Macduff s.

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1) According to Lady Macbeth, what is Macbeth s weakness?

2) What unnatural demand does Lady Macbeth make on the spirits that tend on mortal thoughts?

3) What does Lady Macbeth say will happen if they think too much about what they have done? 1) What does Banquo suspect about how Macbeth became king? 5) What is significant about Lady Macbeth s comment, You lack the season of all natures, sleep. Scene 5 1) How does Macbeth behave in front of his soldiers?

4) What curse does Macbeth think he has heard after murdering Duncan? Scene 2 Scene 6 ACT 4 2) Why does Macbeth fear Banquo and what does he propose to do? 6) What does Macbeth mean when he says, We are yet but young in deed? 2) Who is Macbeth described by Lennox and the Lord? 3) What are the three declarations of the three apparitions? 1) What is ironic about Macduff s line, Each new morn/new widows howl? 2) Why is Macbeth no longer afraid of strange noises in the night?

wherefore exeunt ( k s - nt, - nt ) vulgar What More information Devotion NT273 CHILDREN S DEVOTIONS FOR THE WEEK OF: LESSON TITLE: The Garden of Gethsemane THEME: We always need to pray! Write your name, the name of your school More information EUROPEAN ACADEMIC RESEARCH Vol. Although Atticus did not want his children in court, he defends Jem's right to know what has happened.

SCRIPTURE: Luke -53 Dear Parents Welcome to Bible Time for Kids. III, Issue 12/ March 2016 ISSN 2286-4822 Factor: 3.4546 (UIF) DRJI Value: 5.9 (B ) Depiction of Personal Power through Language in MAC STEFFI Department More information By William Shakespeare Edited to bits by Farrar Williams Macbeth Cast Macbeth Lady Macbeth Queen Duncan Malcolm Donalbain Lennox Ross Banquo Fleance Macduff A Doctor A Lady A Captain A Messenger Soldiers More information Active Reading Hamlet Act 1 All the major characters of Hamlet emerge in the first act. Explain, in your own words, Atticus's More information Macbeth Act 1 Scene 3 Teaching Ideas Lesson 1 Starter idea 1 - Active story telling This is a way of introducing the scene and telling the story so far which can involve the whole class.To review More information Leaving Certificate English Ordinary Level Leaving Certificate English is made up of two examination papers.Paper One is a language paper and Paper Two is a literature paper. Stop and More information How many men reign as king of Scotland throughout the play?3) How are Lady Macbeth s words and actions contrary to the chain of being. 5) Which theme is referred to in Look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under it.?1) What does Banquo s and Duncan s description of Macbeth s castle tell us about their characters? 2) Explain why Duncan s description of Macbeth s castle is an example of dramatic irony?More information The Crucible Study Guide Answers Act I: 1. That he can More information Three Great Plays of Shakespeare Level 4 Retold by Karen Holmes Series Editors: Andy Hopkins and Jocelyn Potter Contents Introduction page Romeo and Juliet l Macbeth 24 King Lear 37 Activities 63 V Introduction More information Theme, Plot, and Conflict Purpose: Use this resource to learn about how theme, plot, and conflict are different from one another but yet work together in literature.As the play begins, why has Reverend Parris sent for a doctor? When reading literature, the reader More information Name: Date: Macbeth Rap - Lyrics Summary of the Play Intro Allow myself to introduce myself: The name's Macbeth, during labor I induced myself.6) Based upon what you know about the characters of Lady Macbeth and Macbeth, speculate on what you think might happen before, during and after the murder of Duncan. 3) What does Macbeth see before he goes to murder Duncan?Scene 2 ACT 3 1) How does Banquo describe the night sky? 4) What does Macbeth mean when he says, Words to the heat of deed to cold breath gives.? 2) What word could Macbeth not say to the sleeping men?2) Initially, why does Macbeth not want to fight Macduff? What More information Macbeth Study Guide Questions Act I and II Act I Scene i 1.3) What does Macduff say to eliminate Macbeth s hope? When the witches planned on meeting next, they planned to meet with whom? Looking at the last two lines of scene 1, what is the theme expressed More information Macbeth by William Shakespeare witches also told Banquo that he would be the father of kings. Duncan More information Macbeth Study Guide Questions Act I 1.


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