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A recent, large-scale study found that, in healthy young adults, brain-training games do not improve cognitive ability except in areas involving in playing the game.

A recent, large-scale study found that, in healthy young adults, brain-training games do not improve cognitive ability except in areas involving in playing the game.However, other studies have found improved reasoning and problem-solving skills in over-50 adults who played brain-training games.

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But does practicing such games translate into aptitude at real-world tasks?

That question has long been debated (often between scientists and the developers of the games).

Importantly, researchers have found that the brain is malleable and that this flexibility persists across the life span.

In addition, research has begun to explore the connections between brain exercises and cognitive functions. In particular, rigorous research about the effects of different kinds of brain exercises, the transferability of these effects, the extent to which the effects persist, and the mechanisms underlying any improvement will help to further our understanding of cognitive health and cognitive decline.

The challenge of playing a new game could also help sharpen mental acuity – learning and other mental stimulation has been shown to stave off cognitive decline.

In choosing our favorite brain-training apps, we looked at the variety and challenge of games included, the applicability to everyday life, as well any research into the brain benefits (coupled with the necessary pinch of salt).The research: Elevate users tested 69% better than nonusers on questions in grammar, writing, listening, and math (devised by an independent research company), the key practical skills designed to be trained by the app.The pinch of salt: Performing well in a test doesn’t necessarily translate to performing at work or in social situations Price for full access: 1 month for .99, 1 year for .99, lifetime membership for 9.99 Get Elevate for i Phone or Android Instead of academic areas, Peak focuses on specific cognitive skills such as memory, mental agility, problem-solving, focus and language (that is, ability to communicate).Exercises become harder the more you play, with the option to unlock “Study Materials” for skills such as public speaking after finishing five daily training sessions.Pro users get unlimited access to games, unlimited plays and more analysis on their performance.Certain real-world tasks do benefit from simple practice – arithmetic (for bill calculation, say) or improving spoken vocabulary.And some brain-training apps are now incorporating such exercises.In one exercise, you’re asked to type in the best synonyms, rather than choosing from a list, which can be helpful for those struggling with that word on the tip of the tongue.Highly practical exercises include sum estimation (handy for those bill calculations), tests of common spelling and grammar errors, and, uniquely, audio passages whose details you’re quizzed on (I have quite abysmal listening skills, it turns out).At the same time, psychologists have explored other ways to improve brain health—such as physical exercise.As one group of psychologists advises, consumers ought to "keep in mind opportunity costs.


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