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And, as a result, they are more deliberate in keeping AWA score in mind while taking admission decisions.The importance of AWA score may or may not be this pronounced for other schools, but it may count if your score is disastrous, because written communication skills do matter.

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And, after more such exposes in subsequent years, more and more schools have started using this software. It can detect only those cases of plagiarism where applicants use same language from either published work including that on web or unpublished work including application essays from previous years which form part of Turnitin’s huge database.

A low AWA score, though, may not dent your chances Other posts you may find relevant: International MBA Applicants Must Look at This Recruitment Data in Their Target Schools How Accommodative Are MBA Programs of Your Sub-Par English in Essays? In 2010, Penn State, after discovering 29 cases of plagiarism in admission essays, became the first B-school to announce the use of anti-plagiarism software, Turnitin.

By proactively addressing the topic via an optional essay, such candidates can essentially preempt any unfavorable reactions on the part of the admissions committee and ideally avoid having the issue become an impediment to admission.

So, if you earned an F in a key course in undergrad, had a bad overall semester, did not score well on the GMAT/GRE, or were dismissed from a position, for example, you should write an optional essay explaining the situation in some detail so the school knows more than just the basics.

It’s one of those grey areas where you can’t have one emphatic answer.

Nevertheless, if you fall into any of the two categories (described earlier in the post), then it’s better to take the test once more and improve your AWA score especially if you’re applying to top schools.

But if it’s less than 4.0, then it could be a cause of concern, more so in cases where your application lacks other instances of strong communication skills.

NYU Stern, for example, has additional requirement if your AWA score is below 4.0: Remember top schools receive 4-10 times more applications than the number of admissions they offer, so you don’t want to give them a conspicuous reason for weeding your application out.

So, a quick, effective way for admission committee to get hold of such cases is to detect excessive difference between the writing styles of an applicant in AWA section and the essays. In an internal study, of admission data and employment outcomes of more than 1,000 MBA graduates, Rotman School of Management has found that AWA score is a much stronger predictor of an applicant’s post-MBA employability risk (which is one of the most important concerns of any B-school) than the overall GMAT score.

It cannot, for obvious reasons, detect cases where applicants submit essays, though written by someone else. In fact, GMAC specifically mentions this part in its evaluation criteria of AWA score: Although verbal section of GMAT or GRE measures the ability to comprehend English, it does not test your written communication skills, which are so important to survive, let alone succeed, in a B-school and thereafter in job (video by GMAC), where you’ll be routinely required to write persuasive presentations, reports, and emails.


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