Love And Compassion Essay

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Motives are usually mixed, but when self-centered needs predominate, compassionate love cannot be fully expressed.

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Some of the most noble human actions are those that express compassionate love.

A person acting with compassionate love perceives the suffering, needs, or potential of another, and chooses to act in ways that can better the condition of the other, placing the other's needs in higher priority.

Good actions can also emerge from motives not full of compassionate love, such as the motive to look good in the eyes of others or to feel needed, but ultimately the feedback of repeating these kinds of behaviors on the moral development of the healthcare provider can be detrimental.

It is also possible that the more self-centered, condescending, or less respectful motive is noticed by the sick person, and care is not as effective.

The combination of the two words "compassionate" and "love" highlights features in both words: this combination describes sympathy towards the other, in a way that is caring, respectful, and appropriately emotionally engaged, which leads to appropriate action in service of the other person.

Love And Compassion Essay

Compassionate love can operate through the relief of suffering, but also through acknowledging life's full possibilities and making space for each human being to reach his or her potential.Motive is particularly hard to research, but there are some ways to begin to investigate it, such as experimental models (especially those from economics and social psychology), implicit-explicit models, observational studies with multiple actions, insightful self-report, and neural imaging.When motives for self outweigh those for others, or there is an inappropriate action given the various factors to be considered, the result is frequently negative for the person being served.Compassionate love encourages fullness of life in the other.By the early twenty-first century, compassionate love was also bolstered by scientific research and incorporated into a social science model.There are other moments when one sets aside selfish needs for those of others, when one expresses to others, by words or actions, that they are of value.This occurs in both professional and personal relationships.This makes up the substrate, the basic starting situation, in which individuals begin to act with compassionate love.This starting point is different for each person, and situations in which action takes place differ as well.The full expression of compassionate love towards those who are ill relies on appropriate motive.Although helpful behaviors are good and useful, and can contribute to the well-being of another, motives focused more on the self than on the other can decrease the positive effect on the person being served, as well as on the moral growth of the individual giving the love.


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