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Simon is part of the choir, which is led by Jack, but Ralph and Piggy are not members of the choir, and are in no way related.There are no adults – "There aren’t any grown ups" (P.43)Ralph has found a "conch" (P.21), and has used it to call all the boys on the island together.Ralph knew there’s no such thing as a beast and that it didn’t exist.

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He also attempted to make sure everything was completed, like building the shelters and keeping a signal fire to increase the chance of getting rescued.

These rules kept the boys civilized until their animal instincts took over and Ralph couldn’t do anything to stop them.

Over a short time Jack became more jealous of the power Ralph had and wished the same for himself.

They both had traits to being a good leader such as Ralph being caring, knowing what was essential, as well as acknowledging the importance of rescue while Jack asks in a meeting “who wants to join my tribe” and made promises to “hunt, feast and have fun” forcing the boys giving into their desires and forgetting about what was important, rescue.

The boys being in the same age category and sharing a couple of views on living strategies didn’t cover up just how diverse they were.

The first difference between them was how Jack had no respect for the rules the other boys agreed on.A character’s personality can be changed when he/she is put in certain positions, such as when Jack’s group was hunting for him, Ralph had to choose between survival and being civil. He’s always the one to bring reality to the island when it is greatly needed for the boys.For example, he was the only boy who believed that his father would find him and they would eventually be rescued.Throughout the novel the group of boys used a conch shell to call ‘meetings’, sort of like a council, which was an idea brought up by Ralph.Everyone, including Jack and his hunters agreed with this.In turn this caused feelings of unrest on the island.Being two of the older boys on their deserted paradise, Ralph and Jack were bound to have a couple of similar attributes in the way the boys should handle things.Another example is how Ralph doesn’t choose to become barbaric and join in with the hysteria of Jack’s tribe.For the most part he stayed on his own side even when he was the only person left in his group.He doesn’t get involved with the original bloodlust of the boys injuring Rodger because he knows it is wrong and savage-like.He also doesn’t join Jack’s tribe when everyone else is convinced to, Ralph sticks to his original plan without his friends and stays by himself. As the first leader, he set civil rules to live on the island.


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