Long Honours Thesis

Although we will predominantly be meeting in a group setting, you should also feel free to make personal appointments with me as needed.

During the spring semester, your project will likely be at a stage where we will need to spend more one-on-one time together.

Please complete and submit this Declaration of Intent form.

This form should completed and submitted as soon as possible – normally in the Fall or Winter term preceding the year of your Honours Research Thesis (capstone project).

Additionally, permanent archiving of your senior thesis may be useful to you in your career and post-graduate work.

Thank you for participating in this important archiving project.

Please e-mail [email protected] you experience any problems.

PSYC*4870 Honours Thesis I [0.50 credit] Under individual faculty supervision, students plan, develop, and write a research proposal and prepare an extensive review paper on their area of research.

The thesis archive will also be a great resource for current UM students, giving them examples to set the standard for their work.

It will also give the Honors Program a comprehensive, evolving picture of the thesis work students are doing in different departments.


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