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We may listen to others, but do it mostly to facilitate a conversation or extend social courtesy.

We may listen to others, but do it mostly to facilitate a conversation or extend social courtesy.

In this regard, he was not much different from others.

People prefer talking rather than listening because talking gives them the false sense of control and authority.

As every child learns eventually, making appropriate noises attracts attention, sympathy, and even rewards from others.

Hence, many people resort to speech to declare their presence, extend their influence or secure their aims.

People like to be heard, understood, approved and appreciated through spoken words.

Words give them the feeling of being alive and active.When I newly joined as an assistant sales executive in a private biscuit manufacturing company, my immediate boss made sure that I spoke effectively with my colleagues, dealers and customers.He closely monitored my speeches and presentations, and told me where I needed improvement.For him not being able to talk forcefully in the presence of others was like losing a grim battle in the life of a salesexecutive.Unless I stood for myself and spoke confidently about my beliefs and convictions, he would ask how could I defend anything in life, stand for others in my team, or promote the products of the company.A speaker betrays both his knowledge and ignorance, while a listener remains mysterious and eludes others' judgment.When you listen attentively, you increase your knowledge of people and situations and your chances of becoming likable, friendly, and agreeable.We use it to improve our relationships or prove to others our skills and abilities.When it comes to listening, we believe it is secondary and not as important.Many people think that they listen well, whereas in reality they do not.They take their listening skills for granted and do not think that listening is as important as speaking. The more familiar a person is, the least likely you will listen to him or her attentively, unless the situation is serious.


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