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Told in two voices, the narration vividly conveys the pain and excitement of war along with the hate and desperation of the vanquished slaves. From surviving an abusive boyhood to becoming an independent woman, Pankhurst stays true to herself, while empathetically managing the messy business of being a trauma cleaner.Listen-Alikes: Senior citizen Polly and teen Willow are an unforgettable Southern mother-daughter duo tackling family secrets and mortality with irreverent and sassy style. Listen-Alikes: By turns comic and horrific, Noah’s animated story-telling pulls back the curtain on his childhood years in Apartheid-era South Africa. Listen-Alikes: Ethereal choral interludes enhance Ryan’s charming epistolary tale of the ladies-left-behind in a British village as World War II dawns.In this chapter, we will examine listening versus hearing, listening styles, listening difficulties, listening stages, and listening critically.

She reads movingly with authentic real-time reactions and her tenacious attitude makes this a sincere, unblushing memoir. Eggers blends high adventure with high culture in this true tale of the specialty coffee trade.

With his rich, espressolike voice, narrator Graham channels Yemeni-American entrepreneur Alkhanshani’s youthful enthusiasm across the whole of his incredible quest to brew the perfect cup.

Listen-Alikes: This luminous story of the plight of women in modern-day Mumbai centers on Bhima, a former servant to the rich, and Parvati, a homeless widow, both striving to improve their perilous situations.

Mathan exquisitely crafts character voices, immersing listeners in this journey of female friendship, heartbreak and discovery. Listeners experience the Trojan War through the anguished eyes of Briseis, a former queen reduced now to a spoil of war, property of the legendary Achilles. Australian author Krasnostein’s candid depiction and Tidd’s unflinching, yet loving, voice invite listeners to follow Sandra Pankhurst’s extraordinary transformation.

Publishers, authors, and narrators interested in having their titles considered for The Listen List: Outstanding Audiobook Narration should review the submission guidelines.

For further information, please visit the committee roster page (login required) or the staff contact page. Forced into adulting when her You Tube video of an exterrestrial goes viral, April May leaps into the international spotlight and becomes humanity’s spokesperson in this sci-fi crossover romp. With precision and impassioned storytelling, two reporters expose one emblematic case which mirrors the state of rape investigation today. Amateur detective Johnson takes on the underground community of obsessive salmon fly-tyers in pursuit of an unlikely criminal. Miguel Angel de la Cruz—Big Angel–is dying, but before he does, he must have one last birthday bash, surrounded by his magnificently rowdy Mexican-American family.

Enhanced by a native Scottish accent, Mc Carron’s empathetic portrayal of prickly Eleanor and her newly acquired social circle traces the change from Winslow exposes the fall of dirty cop Denny Malone as he desperately tries to salvage his family, friends, and honor. Listen-Alikes: This series opener follows a priggish British spinster to fin-de-siècle Paris as she falls for the irresistible charm of a roguish duke. Listen-Alikes: Octogenarian Lillian partakes in a sentimental journey on New Year’s Eve 1984, strolling across Manhattan wearing her poetry-loving heart on her fur-coated sleeve. Listen-Alikes: Abraham Lincoln pays one last visit to son Willie, laid to rest in Oak Hill Cemetery amidst a host of spirits keeping watch as the boy makes his final passage. Listen-Alikes: Plummer captures Sloan’s sprightly tone in the odyssey of an unlikely recipient of a sourdough starter infused with ancient epicurean power. Listen-Alikes: Journalist Finkel investigates the life of a recluse who lived in the Maine woods for 27 years. Listen-Alikes: With his characteristic tribal cadence, Alexie offers a lyrical, episodic memoir, augmented by his own poems and songs. Listen-Alikes: Simultaneously heartwarming and heartbreaking, Woodson’s approachable and compelling free verse reflects the African-American experience of growing up in 1970s Brooklyn. Listen-Alikes: A stellar cast of actors presents this career-spanning collection of short works, punctuated by King’s engaging, conversational commentary describing his writing process and inspiration.

Graham taps into the seamy core of New York City, expertly bringing forth its many accents and identities, creating a visceral listening experience that thrums with grit and tension. Hussey’s witty tone and expert comedic timing nails the high-spirited verbal sparring and cheeky banter in this romantic romp. Sands channels this venerable working girl’s wit with nuance and creates a host of distinct supporting voices, concluding with a conversation between author and narrator. An unprecedented cast of 166 narrators combine in a spectral chorus, telling their stories in an astonishing gabble of voices that teems with pathos, tragicomedy, and the tenderest love. Deliciously quirky voicings and bubbly sound effects concoct a listening treat seasoned with a soupçon of magical realism and original musical compositions. With a subtle Down-easter accent and documentary-like reportage, Bramhall captures the author’s curiosity and Christopher Knight’s quiet humanity in a performance as unobtrusive as the hermit himself. He reveals his complicated urban Indian relationship with rez and family, sharing heartfelt grief and angst over his mother’s life and death. Miles’ pitch-perfect inflection evokes universal feelings of memory, friendship, and the magic of place in this rhythmic narration. Through atmospheric, nuanced performance, each work achieves a dramatic re-interpretation of a range of genres, from humor to horror. Landor’s polished reading perfectly matches Quinn’s clever, witty historical romp, providing a delightful listening experience.

While many Americans look upon being active as something to admire, to engage in, and to excel at, listening is often understood as a “passive” activity.

More recently, Listen: Four Ways to Make Yourself Heard.” This title leads us to expect a list of ways to leave the listening to others and insist that they do so, but the article contains a surprise ending.


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