Limitations And Delimitations In A Dissertation

They say that when you assume, you make a “donkey” out of “you” and “me.” As a result, making assumptions in everyday life does not typically yield positive results.When it comes to research for a thesis or dissertation, though, assumptions are a critical part of the work’s foundation.Therefore, the key point is to focus on those limitations that you feel had the greatest impact on your findings, as well as your ability to effectively answer your research questions and/or hypotheses.

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You cannot write a thesis statement without knowing which assumptions you are basing the research problem on.

Making incorrect or unreasonable assumptions will likely result in drawing false conclusions based on those flawed assumptions, which is why it is so important to think critically about which assumptions you should or should not be making in your research efforts.

A structured thesis is the roadmap for a structured paper.

Your thesis statement should clearly present the central argument, and outline the structure that the rest of the paper will follow.

Assumptions in a thesis are things that your readers will generally accept as either true or plausible, such as the assumption of honest responses from study participants.

One of the first and most important tasks when writing a thesis is to decide what assumptions your readers are likely to have.

Having identified the most important limitations to your dissertation in the announcing move, the reflecting move focuses on explaining the nature of these limitations and justifying the choices that you made during the research process.

This part should be around 60-70% of the total word count of the Research Limitations section.

For example, if you are assuming that participants will provide honest responses to your questions, explain the data collection process and how you will preserve anonymity and confidentiality to maximize truthfulness.

The most common assumption for a research study is usually the truthfulness with which participants will respond.


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