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An example of this is when he was on the bicycle going down the hill and he could not stop and he fell on Dora.

He made the most out of it by saying something really nice to her. He is also very interesting because he is a very good parent.

They lived a happy life-eating together, going to work everyday, managing the bookstore- all those were the happy moments that they used to do in everyday.

Being reminded of the rise of Jewish discrimination over the German and Italian race, Guido still continued to live in Italy.

In this instance each family member had two other forms of motivation to fight on and try their best to stay alive.

Night uses dark descriptions and emotional quotes to express its tone of negativity and sadness and of the oppression endured by Elie and his father.Out of Dora's love to his husband and son, she deports herself from Italy to the concentration camp.Upon approaching to the camp, Guido explains to his son that all that is happening is a surprise for his birthday.Not only is his love directed towards Joshua but also his wife Dora.The desire for something keeps people alive during these situations.The tone in Life Is Beautiful however, uses humor to turn a bad situation into an optimistic look on the outcome.Life is Beautiful (La Vitta È Bella) Set during 1938 (the Nazi era), in the land of Fascist Italy, there was a man named Guido who was then with his friend Ferrucio.Whereas in Life Is Beautiful Guido (the father) tries to convince Joshua, his son, that this is simply for fun and they know nothing bad is going to happen.The tone in Night is depressing and centered around the His dedication to the protection of his son is certainly seen when he gets up and incorrectly interprets the orders of the guards into the rules of the game he had created.The movie also showed how the elders and children were treated in the consecration camps. Although the subtitles made it hard for me to keep up sometimes this was still one of the best movies I have ever seen. An example of this is when Guido was walking in the mist with his son and he saw the skeletons of the old and the children all heaped up together.


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