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Majority of villagers are poor and lead a hard life.But they are simple, honest and are very happy as they have no worries and not many wants.Tamil terrorists in Srilanka and terrorists in Kashmir are known to indulge in drug-trafficking throughout the world. Official figures show that there are between 15 to 17 lac. Recently, reports of the free sale of her-oin and brown sugar in the university campuses and schools have prominently been published in our national newspapers.

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In earlier times there used to be no water-taps, electricity or doctors to look after the health of villagers.

But now-a-days most villages have electricity and water supply and health centres.

Since I had heard a lot about villages, I wanted to visit one. One day our teacher decided That he would take us to a village, situated at a distance of 15 kilometres from Delhi. We stood on the edge of a field and saw the expanse of land before us, land laden with the fruit of human labour. The Headman made everything all the more Interesting by adding comments from his own experience.

Full Grown, bountiful crops were waving in the fields. All that we had read in books Came alive before our eyes.

He falls in the hands of drug traffickers, terrorists and other anti-social elements.

Drugs completely destroy an addict’s mental faculties and wreck his life.

It is a problem of the whole society and has eaten into its vitals.

In the beginning a person takes a drug out of curiosity or for pleasure.

Most of them fall in the hands of drug-peddlers, murderers, and terrorist groups.

Young girls get sexually abused and often land in brothels.


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