Lewis And Clark Expedition Research Paper

Upon nearing the end of the class's study of Lewis and Clark and the Expedition of the Corps of Discovery, ask students to review their unit notes, recall class discussions, and look at their journals and maps.

      Quite possibly one of the most important purchases in the history of The United States was the one in which Thomas Jefferson enabled the size of the country to double.

Spansh officials administering the region for France had turned down Jefferson’s request to explore the region.

None the less Jefferson sent his request to Congress.

The territory was the Louisiana Territory, the 820,000 square mile piece of land was bought for 15 million dollars which equaled out to about three cents an acre.

      The United States originally only wanted to buy the port of New Orleans.

Lewis went to Philadelphia for short courses in medicine, celestial observation, botany, mapmaking, and fossils all to prepare for the expedition. From there they sailed up to the Wood River where they established Camp Dubois for the winter.

Lewis and Clark completed their preparation during the winter by buying supplies, over hauling their boats, drilling their men, and completing their roster.

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