Levels Of Critical Thinking In Nursing

Yes, it can be a nerve-racking process, but the goal as a preceptor is to develop individuals.

Being afraid to allow a person to independently think is a problem and usually involves a preceptor who doesn’t want to give up power.

The preceptor-trainee relationship isn’t based on power, it should be based education and trust.

With using the five levels of initiation, you are developing and not merely telling a trainee what to do.

When it comes to critical thinking, it’s a trait built over time and needs to be nurtured.

As a preceptor, you must cultivate and assist the trainee in finding their critical thinking abilities.

The patient admits that she has been seeking extra medication, and lab results confirm that the patient has too much medicine in her bloodstream and is once again in danger.

Now it's time for the nurse to take the fourth action: evaluation.

Even individual adults and children can benefit from critical thinking in their daily lives.

Imagine if you never gave any situation any consideration or critical thought, such as if your car broke down, or your child started crying, or your coworkers misplaced something important.


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