Legalisation Of Cannabis Uk Essay

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With marijuana, apparently, we’re still waiting for this information. The amount of active ingredient in a pill and the metabolic path that the ingredient takes after it enters your body—these are things that drugmakers will have painstakingly mapped out before the product comes on the market, with a tractor-trailer full of supporting documentation.

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It consists of losing all desire to work or compete, introversion, passivity, unability to concentrate for long periods, loss of the ability to express (speaking and writing.) Tax payers do not want their money spent on treating hopeless drug addicts.

More police would be needed to deal with the increasing crime... Looking on both sides of this controversial issue/topic, I think that...

If you or your friends use cannabis it may result in you/them not willing to study, socialise, play sport or go out.

Some scientists believe that teenage cannabis smokers develop the so called amotivational syndrome.

Nor did we know how higher-potency products would affect THC consumption.

“We know little about the health consequences—risks and benefits—of many of the cannabis products likely to be sold in nonmedical markets,” he said.

Types of preparations: resin (hashish) and dried flowers and leaves (marijuana, grass, pot). Chemicals found in the plant can relieve pain in people suffering illnesses like multiple sclerosis and arthritis.

Also it may be used in the chemotherapy treatement used in cancer patients to prevent some highly stressful side effects (nausea, vomiting.) Cannabis is often contaminated with some toxic components which may cause more harm than the substance itself. Countries which have experimented with decriminalisation have not encountered massive increases in use.

Are users smoking less, to compensate for the drug’s new potency? Is high-potency cannabis more of a problem for younger users or for older ones?

Because of recent developments in plant breeding and growing techniques, the typical concentration of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, has gone from the low single digits to more than twenty per cent—from a swig of near-beer to a tequila shot.


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