Learning Management System Dissertation Thesis

Learning Management System Dissertation Thesis-18
This qualitative case study sought to identify the effects of a Gamified English course on student Self-Determination, Self-Efficacy, and Self-Regulation, as well as understand student perceptions of learning in a Gamified environment.

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Additionally, the students found overall positive perceptions specifically regarding personalized learning technologies.

Gamification served to magnify existing learning habits, and empowered students to solve complex problems without direct instruction.

Past studies on Copenhagen Business School, have revealed an LMS which, despite seemingly extensive resources and initiatives dedicated towards the LMS, as a social learning tool, has never escaped basic, generic usage.

This thesis expands the scope by conducting case studies through qualitative research interviews, LMS statistics and development contracts, of five different Danish universities: CBS, RUC, KU, AU & AAU.

This thesis provides an empirical analysis and theoretical discussion of the Learning Management System (LMS) within the Danish university system.

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It is suggested that the quality of university education is under pressure from society, political reforms and legislations, and the focus is, on the basis of past studies, to analyse and assess the positioning, usage and relevance of the LMS within the context of Blended Learning, and how it fulfils an expected and predicted role as a tool for quality assurance of university education.

The thesis wishes to contribute to the framework for this debate.

Using an inductive approach, the method of meaning condensation summarises and thematises 11 qualitative research interviews into 5 core themes: Drivers, Resource allocation, Usage, Challenges and Future direction.

As part of a selection/decision process, most institutions gather instructor and student user evaluation after a level of “hands-on” user experience.

Gathering users’ input underscores their importance and relevance to the institution’s technology decision process.


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