Learning And Teaching About Islam Essays In Understanding

British Muslims often complain about western ignorance.

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Sometimes it feels as though we are regarded as (at best) an anomaly needing to be civilised into modernity; and (at worst) barbarians hell-bent on colonising Britain’s streets.

These binary expectations have created an insecure generation, continually under pressure to explain – or even justify – a faith they may not really know that much about.

Yusuf Ali, though less elegant, adds an eccentric commentary that compares passages from the holy book with Shakespeare and Milton.

In fact, I must have first come across these English poets in Yusuf Ali’s Qur’an commentary – a pleasing overlap between my twin literary inheritances.

Meanwhile, in Zanzibar, my grandfather – who in his spare time was a preacher, scholar and linguist – was preparing his own English Dictionary of the Holy Qur’an.

The legacy of these almost-forgotten personalities, equally at home in the western canon as the Islamic, offers a suggestive example to modern British Muslims. The deluge of commentary about what one tabloid commentator has called ‘the Muslim problem’ is now pervasive.

He surveyed us from a black-and-white photograph in the living room, sitting on an ivory chair at Zanzibar’s High Court, where he worked first as a prosecutor and later a magistrate.

Clustered on his chest are the medals he won for his service to the empire, including the Coronation Medal and an MBE.

To get your students to think intellectually about Islam, you will want to engage them in serious academic work such as writing essays.

When students craft responses to social studies essay topics, they have to strongly state their arguments and then use specific evidence to back up any major claims.


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