Le Rossignol Dessay

In addition to the dated versions of technology that appear, the quality of the overabundant CGI really shows the age of the production.

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I cannot blame the Nightingale for slipping out during this disturbing display. Death has taken over the palace which has manifested in a variety of retail related imagery.

Her departure pisses off the Emperor for some reason, and like any rational dude, he banishes her from the court. The Emperor is still trapped in his lantern which is surrounded by caution tape, so things must be bad.

A commencer par la bande musicale, paru chez EMI en 1999 avec Natalie Dessay dans le rôle titre sous la baguette de James Conlon (en couplage avec « (1913).

Les qualités de cette adaptation numérique, généreuse par ses effets et sa créativité visuelle, ne manquent pas.

Le rossignol s’affirme comme la métaphore même du chant et de son unicité : inégalable, insurpassable. En cela, la réalisation suit parfaitement la partition. , opéra en 3 actes sur un livret du compositeur et de Stephan Mitusov d’après Hans Christian Andersen. Avec : Natalie Dessay, le rossignol ; Hugo Simcic, l’enfant ; Marie Mc Laughlin, la cuisinière ; Violeta Urmana, la mort ; Vsevolod Grivnov, le pêcheur ; Albert Schagidullin, l’empereur ; Laurent Naouri, le chambellan ; Maxim Mikhailov, le bonze.

Orchestre et chœurs de l’Opéra national de Paris (chef de chœur : David Levi), direction : James Conlon. The Nightingale looks out of place in the garish setting which is the point I’m sure.Everyone seems impressed as the bird sings from its floating perch which is suspended by yet another pair of the severed hands, but despite the manic applause for Dessay’s vocal performance, the audience’s attention is quickly stolen away as some Japanese envoys bring a mechanical bird to sing for the Emperor.The Nightingale shares the good news with the Emperor by hanging her Nokia brick phone on his lantern (again with the tech of my adolescence), and then shatters the glass with her voice before disappearing. The Emperor is so pumped to recover from the brink of death that he immediately starts texting on his new phone.The little kid runs up to hug him, and the monarch transforms into the potter. You’ll be tempted to give up on it at some points, but don’t!The entire production is very pottery-centric for some reason.Most of them interact with the CGI bird only, but every once in awhile, someone acknowledges her.As if living illustrations and nightshirt clad sopranos weren’t enough, the weirdness turns up a notch once the courtiers come on the scene.Despite his dick move of banishing her earlier, the Nightingale shows up and takes pity on him.Dessay circles his prison and sings as the CGI bird throws down with an aggressive price tag gun. Death herself makes an appearance, and like anyone who has worked retail, she looks like a cashier who no longer gives a fuck about customer service.


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