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• Essays should be based on a student’s personal experience or observations • Essays should contain a “law of life” expressed as a maxim, saying, or quote.

• EXAMPLE LAWS • Essays should show how a Law of Life applies to a specific situation from one's life The saying or Law of Life should be turning point of the story: • For more info and sample essays from winners: - Personal Anecdote or Example - Role Model Character Sketch - Analogy - Direct Statement of Topic - Direct use of a Maxim, Proverb, or Quotation - Immediately Set the Scene • 5 W's, 1 H • SHOW, don't tell • Sensory Details • What is the Law of Life, and what did you learn?

Junior class winner Isabella Schlitz was unable to attend the ceremony.

Ocampo won $100 cash and the others received $50 cash.

Many would argue that in order to delay the inevitable conclusion awaiting every man, humans must act upon their primal intuition rather than their emotions.

Jack London’s “The Law of Life” includes this In modern society, the stability of human life has been improved such that, in weighing decisions, factors other than instinct are taken into account.• Re-visit the topic and the effects • Conclude strongly!Juli Mull Leming (left), essay coordinator for the Seven Hills Rotary Club, and Dawn Faulkner (right), AP English teacher and Rome High contest coordinator, pose with winners Sergio Ocampo, Robert Raymond and Elisabeth Ashton.This primordial propensity towards instinctual courses of action serves as foundation for his tribe’s way of life and, in practice, trumps individual emotions.Old Koshkoosh was indoctrinated with this ancestral tradition of deriving the appropriate pathway from instinct for much of his early life, and it determined a decision in his adulthood which defined him for the rest of his life.However, in harsh environments and forbidding territories, this matter becomes very real and pressing.Nature pays no attention to the arbitrary emotions of man, demanding only the forfeiture of the sorrowfully short life granted to him.The Seven Hills Rotary Club honored local essay winners during the club’s luncheon on April 21.Rome High School students Sergio Ocampo, 12th grade winner and overall school winner; Robert Raymond, sophomore winner; and Elisabeth Ashton, freshman winner read their essays and received their awards.The narrator described Koshkoosh’s recollection of the event, saying “He remembered how he had abandoned his own father on an upper reach of the Klondike one winter…” (749).• Essays should be 500 to 700 words in length, typed and double-spaced according to MLA format.


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