Law And Morality Essay Conclusion

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Values, for instance, as pointed out, play an indispensable part in the development and day to day administration of law.Law has to change from time to time as according to the ever changing demands of society. It has to achieve certain objectives, which may be short term or long term.Law aims to create an order in society (in all units of society).Law is continuously evolving norm or rather we should say that it is a part of a normative system whose work is to regulate certain norms in society.It is dynamic and is never at any point of time static.In a different sphere natural law theory has tried to meet the paramount needs of successive ages through history, and an account has been given of the ways in which it supported power or freedom from power according to the social need of the time.Further natural law school offers a indirect help with two contemporary problems, namely, the abuse of power and the abuse of liberty.Positivism on the other hand, by seeking to insulate legal theory from such considerations refuses to give battle where battle is needed perhaps wisely, perhaps to its own discredit, depending on the point of view.The Natural law thinkers have always considered the principles of morality as higher law and they look at man made law contempt and ridicule.With the force of the state behind them, they coerce people into giving up their money, their liberty and their lives.Such coercion requires justification, which is of course the (obvious) law, which lays down certain doctrines of legislative supremacy and the ban on common law crimes.


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