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You now want to submit it to several peer-reviewed journals, each having different formatting requirements for the same content and you're expecting them to come back with several different small criticisms about how you can edit the paper to fit their readers, etc.You could easily create a branch for each journal, make journal specific changes, submit, and when you receive the feedback make the changes on each separate branch.If your Ph D advisor wants to see the draft first thing in the morning, yes you could stash/stage/commit your current changes, use tags or search through the log, but why not keep separate branches?!

Boock and Kunda, in their research paper titled ‘Electronic thesis and dissertation metadata workflow at Oregon State University Libraries’, revealed that the total processing time for each paper thesis / dissertation in OSU was approximately 80 minutes, during which it was handled by five different people and cost the library $23.23.

Virginia Tech University introduced ETD in January 1997, where students were required to create their theses and dissertations with word processors and submit them to a digital repository.

Typeset plays a very important role in increasing the number of research publications.

I must tell you it’s a wonderful product.”Whether Typeset is being used in conjunction with universities, journals or individually by students, Shettar’s sentiments have been echoed time and again.

In some universities that are yet to implement ETD, processing paper manuscripts eats into a significant portion of academic resources.

Students have to submit multiple hard copies of their work, technicians sweat over the formatting and commercial binding for hours, librarians spend days doing manual cataloguing and archival — all this effort only to have it line library shelves and, in most cases, collect dust.

It makes insertion of scientific formulae, multimedia, bibliography, metadata and all other aspects of research writing a breeze.ubmission — Once approved, the student uses Typeset’s auto-formatting technology to format the document within seconds to 100% of the institution’s guidelines.

She can, then, submit the document directly to her institution’s repository via Typeset.

It actually looks more complicated than it really is.

The configuration I’m using (explained below) is a variant of these.


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