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If you're not sure the best options for your credit profile, we suggest contacting the carrier directly before attempting to obtain service.

For more information on credit check requirements, consult Koodo's prepaid and postpaid FAQs.

If you use all of your Anytime Minutes, calls will be billed at the normal per-minute rate plus the added 50 cents per minute. For additional information about supported devices and using the feature, consult their Wi-Fi Calling Help page. There are no additional fees for Wi-Fi calling and usage comes from your plan allotment of minutes.

For additional information about supported devices and using the feature, consult their Vo LTE Help page. Keep in mind, however, that any data used by tethered devices will go against your data allotment for the month.

Uploads speeds averaged 8.70Mbits/sec across both 4G and 3G networks.

In the 2015 study “Fastest Mobile Networks in Canada” by PC Magazine, the speeds of the Telus network (the network that Koodo uses) ranked third.You can check coverage and network types in your area at the Koodo support page.Notable considerations include: Telus' network ranked second for download speeds in both the 4G and 3G network categories in Tutela's 2018 "Mobile Experience Report", tests showed an average speed of 15.68Mbits/sec for 4G downloads and 5.30Mbits/sec for 3G downloads.To bring your own phone or tablet, you'll also need a Koodo SIM. NOTE: Fees often differ between retail stores and websites.Be sure to check both before signing up or adding a line to your account to maximize savings.However, credit checks are required for all new post-paid customers.Items needed include 1 of the following: NOTE: Credit checks from carriers that pull your credit bureau report may impact your credit score.In many cases, tethering a laptop, gaming console or another non-mobile device will result in increased data usage.Koodo’s postpaid services do not offer data rollover.Average national LTE download speed measured at 32.5Mbits/sec.Average national LTE upload speed measured at 12.9Mbits/sec.


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