Kindergarten Homework Calendars

Kindergarten Homework Calendars-79
How do you manage homework giving, checking, and collecting? I print the homework calendar with a reading log on the back, hole punch, and stick it in my students' Take Home Binders at the beginning of every month.(I also put the monthly newsletter and lunch menu in at the same time).That last word usually gets the most reaction, especially when I tell parents at Back to School Night.

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If they are not meeting goals or performing at grade level, I've already talked with parents before this point.

I want them to know that support at home is crucial and that I'll be checking homework weekly.

I posted a freebie for you guys last September but didn't want to roll out a whole year's worth of homework without testing it out myself.

With a little tweaking and the addition of the summer months I can now present to you an entire year's worth of Kindergarten homework!!

I love when students come in to school the morning after completing a fun homework task and are excited to tell me about it.

I especially love hearing from parents who can't believe they're declaring homework time to be an enjoyable part of their night!Whether it was a thick packet of stapled workbook pages, monthly family projects, journal prompts, or homemade calendars with nightly tasks, homework has always been part of my teaching journey.I've seen the conversation around homework shift and turn ugly and make rational adults start pointing fingers.My rationale behind making homework optional is that students are children first, and they should be given time outside of school to have experiences that help them grow, develop, and have fun.Children are also busier than ever with extracurricular activities, and families are crunched for time as it is.Every day of the week has a theme so that parents are able to predict what kind of task will be done (writing on Mondays, counting on Tuesdays, sight words on Wednesdsays...).But if there is a busy night or the child is just too tired, homework can be skipped. I feel that it respects child development and family time.The last thing I want to do is put strain on a family because nightly homework hasn't been done.What I give to students is a monthly homework calendar.I plugged in some fun stuff during major holidays but also left the activities generic so if you have students who are Jehovah's Witnesses or don't celebrate certain holidays for other reasons they won't have to be exempt from any of the activities.And if you really don't want to have any homework assigned over your break, just white out the activities before photocopying!! Teachers Pay Teachers has everything 10% off through midnight tonight but since I didn't get it posted before the start of the sale, what do you say to an extension?


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