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It is one’s society that establishes what is generally accepted and how one comes to act within that society.In the novel , Scout’s feelings and notions regarding Arthur “Boo” Radley change from her initial preconceived impression that he was a monster, to accepting Boo as a person and empathizing his perspective of the...The book takes place in Maycomb County, Alabama during the 1930s. While both Harper Lee and Charles Dickens have parallels in the way they portray justice and the legal system in their respective novels, there are contrasts in the way they portray both Victorian London and the Deep South in the 20th Century....

Justice and its relationship with prejudice is the central theme of the timeless 1960 novel, Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird.

Its focal point is the trial of Tom Robinson, an African-American erroneously charged with the rape of a white girl,...

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The rigid class structure and social stratification of Maycomb County had a profound effect on the events in the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

The impact of this class structure and the underlying prejudice was especially evident in...In this brilliant novel, there are a lot of well defined characters whose goings on in the fictional Maycomb County help to propel...See in the mind's eye an onion, one with multiple layers more precisely.This complex idea is highlighted in the novel, To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee and the picture book Goin’ Someplace Special by Patricia...While most people in society strive to have moral attributes, not everyone understands what traits are important in achieving this goal."It is a book that you can read 1,000 times, and there's still something you can find in it," said Achauer."Even if you don't like literature, you can respect the stance it takes." "It was interesting seeing what scenes stuck with the students and how they chose to interpret the coming-of-age events in the novel," said Library Director Judy Carey Nevin.The essay contest came out, and I knew that if I didn't do it right then, I wouldn't do it. The essay contest was inspired by the OUL Theatre's fall production of "To Kill a Mockingbird" and was sponsored by The Friends of the Library and the Hannah V. "When I was reading the book I didn't really think that Scout was the one who came of age the most," said Achauer.So, I actually went home and wrote it that night," said Achauer. "She is obviously the main character, but I thought the really impressive person was her brother, Jem.Certain behavior is taught by means of social interactions and through relationships..., multiple characters defy stereotypes made about them and are even able to change opinions and lifestyles of people around them.


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