Key Stage 2 Problem Solving

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The key to solving these problems is to understand what is being asked, what operation needs to be used and what method is best to use.

Problems in KS1 SATs might involve money, measures and time intervals.

At this stage, it is fine for children to draw pictures and diagrams if this will help them, but they are expected to have efficient written methods for each operation.

Many of the problems will have two or more 'steps' which means children will need to carry out two or more operations in order to work out the answer. It is imperative that children know how to convert between metres and centimetres, litres and millilitres and grams and kilograms before they can tackle these problems.

Exactly half of the children in Year 5 have packed lunches. Some problems will simply test a child's ability to use an efficient method for a particular operation.

For example, the following problem is not difficult to understand, but involves adding three amounts of money.

For example: Some children will know immediately that the question is asking 3 x 5, the answer to which is 15.

Others may not see this immediately and will need to draw the three boxes and then perhaps write '5' on each one, then count in 5s to find the answer.

Remember, there are well over 700 pages for each year available to purchase as downloads.

was designed to help students become proficient problem solvers in mathematics and identifies the strategies students might draw upon and use to solve them, and the learning approaches teachers can plan to use. Progression has been built in across the two lessons in each year group, and there is also progression across the years.


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