Jerry Maguire Essay

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Even a room full of fellow cinematographers will eventually grow tired of two hours of jaw-dropping but unrelated imagery.

And even the most beautiful or handsome model, who may look stunning on the frozen page, would have a hard time holding your attention over 120 minutes without some sort of character arc and personal development. While many argue that film is a director’s sport, and actors are the ones who obtain the most fame, none of that would be possible without the screenwriter.

And while there is a cottage industry of books on writing screenplays and wealth of new terms on the pages of each, they all basically meltdown to the same basic concepts. But, if you look back on most major film releases over the last century, you’ll find a surprising number whose plot lines will closely follow the trajectory above.

As I mentioned earlier, not every story you tell will follow exactly these beats. If your goal is to become a better storyteller, take a moment to rewatch a few of your favorite films. Take a moment to understand the fundamentals, then sit down and create a masterpiece of your own.

It is also just as likely that as you began to improve and create better and better work that you began to break some of those established rules and started to think outside of the box. But regardless of how far we stray from the norm, having a basic understanding of the foundational elements of our craft provide a firm basis from which we can experiment and find our own true voice.

A traditional Hollywood screenplay also generally follows certain norms. Regardless of genre, there are usually basic story beats in most films that help audiences relate to the emotions we wish to convey.

Despite being successful and leading a smooth career, he is fired from the business due to some undesirable circumstances and even forced to start his professional life once again from the beginning.

In his journey of life Jerry Maguire gets the company of two special individuals.

Well, because there’s a value judgment that’s placed on us,” she said. It enables me to do what I do.” Zellweger added that she doesn’t want to be “something else.” “I got hired in my blue jeans and cowboy boots with my messy hair,” she went on.

“As if it somehow is a reflection of your character — whether you’re a good person or a weak person or an authentic person.” “And the implication that I somehow needed to change what was going on because it wasn’t working,” she continued. “I started working like that [and] I didn’t have to change to work.


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