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Yolen uses Brair Rose, as an allegory of the Holocaust, enabling to raise important ideas of victims horrific experience. This teaches the audience an idea that this is no sentimental fairytale but a dark tale of humanity.

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He joined a group of rebels who set out to rescue prisoners from the concentration camp Chelmno.

At Chelmno, he witnessed the systematic extermination of countless people.

The marriage came to a tragic end: The Avenger was killed by the Nazis as well as most of the rebels. Ultimately, she dealt with them by transforming them into a fairy tale involving a princess, a witch, and a prince.

Gemma, one of the few who survived, traveled to the United States. Unlike the tragic ending of her story, the fairy tale ended happily.

Most of the murders were carried out by herding prisoners into trucks equipped with nozzles that dispensed poisoned gas.

As they drove from the camp to the mass graves, the gas would be released, killing everyone inside so that they could easily be dumped into the pits.She uses symbolism to highlight the atrocities that occurred during the Holocaust. The Holocaust and Sleeping Beauty are parallel stories, intertwined and told simultaneously, enabling Yolen to effectively account ideas of people? Within the fairy tale genre, Yolen uses the fairies to convey ideas of the callousness of the Nazis. Yolen uses postmodern ideas with the use of flashback of the past to retell a fairytale version that Becca? Becca the protagonist discovers this story to be an allegory of the Holocaust. s experience in the gas chamber when Aron resuscitates her and gives her a second chance at life. All the bones of many princes who had been before rose up from the thorn bush singing? She engages the audience by using metaphors, in order to commemorate millions of victims who died, in order to help save lives. She uses symbolism to highlight the cruelty, discrimination and the hardships victims endured.She went on to marry The Avenger, then got pregnant.Josef fell in love with The Avenger, but it was unrequited.She was placed in Chelmno concentration camp in a queue to be executed.Rebecca flies to Poland to find the site that was once Chelmno.Briar Rose has an authentic narrative structure as two parallel stories of the Holocaust and Brair Rose are intertwined and told simultaneously. s version of the fairytale which is a metaphor for her own life and experiences during the holocaust. Her dying wish was for Becca to unravel the mystery shown when she says ? Her personal story corresponds with the fairy tale, and she passes this information on to her granddaughter through her dying words ?


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