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“Nature meant me to be, on the whole, a good man, Miss Eyre: one of the better end; and you see I am not so.[…] Then take my word for it,—I am not a villain: you are not to suppose that—not to attribute to me any such bad eminence; but, owing, I verily believe, rather to circumstances than to my natural bent, I am a trite common-place sinner, hackneyed in all the poor petty dissipations with which the rich and worthless try to put on life.” (1.14.61) “Besides, since happiness is irrevocably denied me, I have a right to get pleasure out of life: and I will get it, cost what it may.” (1.14.63-65) However, Jane does not entirely buy into his explanations and argues that he would sully her if she allowed him to marry her, despite his ongoing marriage.“I’ll be preparing myself to go out as a missionary to preach liberty to them that are enslaved—your harem inmates amongst the rest.

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2015 FRQ 3: In literary works, cruelty often functions as a crucial motivation or a major social or political factor.

Select a novel, play, or epic poem in which acts of cruelty are important to the theme.

However, this life of deception and selfishness is unacceptable to Jane, causing a conflict central to the story.

To support this thesis, you may point out that Rochester tried to justify his wrongdoings to Jane and seemed to have even bought into his own deceit, as seen in the following quotes.

If the theme is not relevant or well established in a work, you will do well to choose another title to examine.

The following are the main themes which you may discuss in your AP English Lit Essay.

The theme of deception is represented by various characters in the story.

The most prominent one is Edward Rochester, who lies to hide his insane wife in his attic.

Here we discuss the third FRQ prompt which allows you to choose a particular work of literature as the focus of your essay. Herein we will discuss how to determine if the given prompt is appropriate for this particular literary work and give you an idea of what to review before your exam.

To choose a literary work to answer your prompt, it’s important to examine the themes which are outlined in the assigned essay.


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