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The Jacksonian code of honor is made up of several parts.The first principle of Jacksonian honor is self-reliance and respect for those who embody it.Jacksonian populist nationalism is central to understanding American empire in all three of these works.

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This proved a major “source of irritation to their English neighbors, who could not understand what they had to be proud about.” Despite their humble origins, the Scots-Irish did not behave in the spirit of humility and subordination expected of the lower sorts.

“This combination of poverty and pride set the North Britons squarely apart from other English-speaking people in the American colonies.” The fierce pride of the North British emigrants would give birth to the Jacksonian code of honor.

The surging crowd of figures records the births, deaths, and battles fought as European Americans settled the continent to the edge of the Pacific.

Like Moses and the Israelites who appear in the ornate borders of the painting, these pioneers stand at the threshold of the Promised Land, ready to fulfill what many nineteenth-century Americans believed was God’s plan for the nation.

Army units were hobbled by a lack reliable intelligence and no knowledge of an alien culture and language. Largely forgotten today as an epilogue to the triumphant Spanish-American War, the Philippine War remains an example of how the best of American intentions can go awry in the quest for empire.

The Americans soon found that despite harsh, even savage, counterinsurgency measures—torture and abuse of prisoners, destruction of property and towns, confinement of civilians, leading to the deaths of thousands—the insurgency would not be suppressed. The United States took control of the Philippines largely for Hamiltonian motives of projecting America’s economic power in east Asia, but also for the Wilsonian ideal of spreading democracy.

The core value of Jacksonian populism, according to Mead, is honor.

The Scots-Irish settlers of the American backcountry were a people of great pride despite their poverty.


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