Is Stellar Nucleosynthesis

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In this way, low-mass and high-mass stars could be formed in a similar manner.

Other models assume coalescence of two or more light stars or competitive accretion of a low- and a high-mass star feeding from the same molecular cloud (Bonnel et al. The galactic mass distribution of the newborn stars is known as the initial mass function.

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8, a particular type of graph developed in the early twentieth century by the astronomers Hertzsprung and Russell.

In this diagram, the luminosity or energy output of a star is plotted on the vertical axis, and the surface temperature of the star on the horizontal axis.

Star formation is a process complicated by the details of cloud fractionation, rotation, turbulence, and magnetic fields.

While the formation of low-mass stars (below 8 solar masses) is thought to be understood and proceeding through an accretion disk, the mechanism to form more massive stars is not quite understood as well.


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