Is Homework Beneficial For Students

In the meantime, you might want to get out the flash cards.

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“Research has been unable to prove that homework improves student performance,” she explained.

The following year, the superintendent of a Florida school district serving 42,000 students eliminated homework for all elementary students and replaced it with twenty minutes of nightly reading, saying she was basing her decision on “solid research about what works best in improving academic achievement in students.” Many other elementary schools seem to have quietly adopted similar policies.

But if the reading passages on a test cover topics like life in the Arctic or the habits of the dormouse, that student’s test score may well not reflect what she’s learned.

The research relied on by those who oppose homework has actually found it has a modest positive effect at the middle and high school levels—just not in elementary school.

But maybe teachers just need to assign a different kind of homework.

In 2016, a second-grade teacher in Texas delighted her students—and at least some of their parents—by announcing she would no longer assign homework.A Texas teacher went viral in 2016 after sending home a note to parents saying kids should spend their time after school playing outside or eating family dinner, not completing formal assignments.This past July, a superintendent in Marion County, Florida, announced that she was banning homework for all 20,000 elementary school students in her district and instead instructing kids to read for 20 minutes. A 2006 study from Duke University found that older students who did their homework performed better on tests, but a 2014 analysis from Stanford University revealed that kids with too much homework were stressed and sleep-deprived."The jury is still out," Mollie Galloway, an associate professor of educational leadership at Lewis and Clark College, recently told the .The dog just ate all your excuses: A new study shows that homework may make students become better people.Kids who do their homework diligently tend to be more conscientious than their peers, according to researchers at the University of Tübingen in Germany.The research cited by educators just doesn’t seem to make sense.If a child wants to learn to play the violin, it’s obvious she needs to practice at home between lessons (at least, it’s obvious to an adult).At the beginning of every school year, the kids answered questions about whether they gave their best effort on their past 10 homework assignments in math and German.They then reported on how neat and diligent they believed themselves to be.The study found that kids who said they took their homework seriously were more conscientious, and vice versa.But how much homework teachers should give students is an age-old debate that's not letting up anytime soon.


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