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Research Prospect can deliver your dissertation order in three parts; outline, first half and final dissertation delivery.Here is the link to our online order form.“Many academics argue that the Introduction chapter should be the last section of dissertation paper you should complete but by no means it is the last part you would think of because this is where your research starts from. It is recommended to write it at the same time as proposal submission, although you will have to revise and edit it many a times before it takes the final shape.

Discussing a topic and introducing it are two extremely different aspects of dissertation introduction writing.

You might find it easy to discuss a topic, but introducing it is much more tricky.

Building a background of your chosen topic will not only help you in understanding more about the topic, but also helps readers in knowing about why the general research area is problematic, interesting, central and important etc.

The background of your research should include major concepts related to your dissertation topic.

So it’s of critical importance to fully understand how to write the introduction of a dissertation before the starting the actual write up.

When writing a dissertation introduction, one has to explain the title, introduce the topic and present a background so that readers understand what your research is about and what results you expect to achieve at the end of the research work.

This research problem is the crux of your dissertation i.e.

it gives a direction as to why this research is being carried out, and what issues the study will take into consideration.

If you’re comparing, explain why you’re doing so and what this research will yield.

Regardless of the research topic you choose, explain thoroughly in this section as to why this research is being conducted and what benefits it will serve.


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