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() The activities in the Business Basics series, whether listening, speaking or writing, are designed to simulate activities which are as close as possible to the real-life business situations in which students are going to find themselves.The language structures covered in Business Basics are at Elementary (A1 ) and Pre-intermediate (A2) levels.

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Here is a list of typical supplies needed for the activities in the worksheets.

The worksheets are most effective when used as classroom lessons.

Encourage students to speak and participate in all speaking activities.

Tell them it does not matter if they make mistakes or do not know the right words to use.

Please consider your students’ knowledge and experience when planning how to use these worksheets with your class.

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You may feel you need to pre-teach some of the vocabulary and grammar listed at the top of the teacher’s notes if you are working with lower-level or pre-experience students.You will acquire these skills by the reading materials, exercises, and research assignments that simulate today's workplace.By delving into the five units of this course, you will fine tune your direction and choice of career in business.In the case of emails, stress that the example might not be the only way to write it, but that it does model appropriate language and style.For vocabulary and phrase building, tell learners to use a conventional or an online dictionary with their phones, laptops or tablets.Wherever possible, try to create opportunities for in-work learners to refer to and draw upon their own personal work experience as they do the worksheet activities.The Teacher’s Notes suggest various ways of doing this.The follow-up activities could be assigned as homework.(Depending on the student time allowances in the workplace, homework may not be a relevant option.)Follow these basic teaching tips for the worksheet activities.Ask the students to write up cards for each new word or phrase. At the end of the lesson, tell each student to draw one card and explain the meaning to the rest of the class.The vocabulary and phrases used are based on a British English model, but American alternatives are given where relevant and useful.


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