Internet Classroom Vs Traditional Essay

Alonso Díaz and Blázquez Entonado state that there has been huge progress in information communication technology which gives big opportunities for learners who have difficulties in attending classes in person (2009: 331-343).

Surely to the separate classroom is different from traditional classrooms in several ways; one obvious difference is the place.

Whereas online learning allows students to learn anything from wherever the learner has access to a network connection, including home, library, job and so on (2004: 550-562).

Another area of difference between e-learning and face-to-face instruction is the time; distance learning provides 24/7 accessibility to course materials.

Key Differences The first key difference is type of equipment employed .

The central prerequisite in taking an online course or class is access to an internet connection .

Students, therefore, are expected to be able to use these materials to teach themselves (2009: 18-25).

In the recent past, for about twenty years, e-learning has been used in almost every educational institution; including primary and secondary schools as a positive step towards improving performance, and enabling learners to be more efficient and autonomous.

Online Classes Vs Traditional College Classes The Internet is credited for revolutionalizing every aspect of modern life including in the education sector where online classes have emerged alongside the traditional clasess.

These two types of educational settings have the same aim of educating and training students to become better people in their communities and the places they intend to serve but there are fundamental differences amongst them as discussed in this essay.


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