International Finance Management Case Study

Employability This module equips students with the advanced knowledge to be able to understand and evaluate a multinational corporation’s performance, financing and investment activities, and its risks and opportunities, in a global context.Links to the academic literature are provided by a selection of articles from academic journals at the end of each lecture, which ensures that students are able to reflect on and evaluate issues and problems in the subject at a high academic level.In particular, it provides students with an overview of the financial environment in which the multinational firm and its managers function, including financial institutions, financial markets and exchange rate systems.

The module focuses on decision making in an international context, building on, and extending, the valuation framework provided by domestic corporate finance to account for dimensions that are unique to international finance.

Additional Information: Internationalisation This module offers an intuitive and real world grasp of the concepts and issues in international finance.

Exchange risk describes a geographic-financial condition in which the cost to sell in one currency and buy in another becomes so unbalanced that a company's losses are mounting even as their revenue goes up.

Currency exchange costs were something BMW didn't really want to pass onto their consumers, but the issue was taking an unsustainable bite out of their bottom line.

BMW had to find a way to address the currency exchange exposure without passing on the cost to their customers.

In addressing the problem, BMW took two simultaneous paths to reduce exposure. A natural hedge is an uncomplicated method for reducing risk.

It contains case studies pertaining to Indian conditions and their suggested solutions.

The book also consists of numerical problems and self study exercises.

This book blends classroom training with actual practice.

It provides case studies for the students of Management, Commerce, Chartered Accountancy, and Cost and Work Accountancy.


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