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Some of those original investors, knowing they missed a one thousand percent spike in prices, were part of the Silicon Valley demographic that invest in the early stages of hot new internet companies with the next great idea.Considering the progress that a privately held Twitter has made in its young history, it seems that the investors who might be interested in holding the company as public shareholders may belong to larger funds and investment bankers, rather than the relatively minor, private shareholders that Twitter was accustomed to appealing to in its younger days.And, average sales in new restaurants after 90 trading days increased 24.9% a total of 3,390.

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Together with Noah Glass, who developed the idea for Odeo, development began on the new concept, which meant more employees, a new office, and investors.

Glass developed the name “Twttr” that eventually evolved into “Twitter”.

Although the risk factors are in place, Chipotle's financial data provides more assurance of returned profit on investment.

In their "Rapidly Improving Financial Performance" section of the SEC filing they state a 130% increase in revenue in 2004 of 470.7 million up from 2002 and 49% up from 2003.

Assuming the company has decided to stay in its chosen business, is this campaign worthwhile when the discount rate is 10 percent?

Initial Public Offerings Paper Instructions: Write a 750 to 1,000 word paper describing an initial public offering for a global firm.

Clearly, an IPO of a company such a Twitter, which has substantial private assets, would create a large splash in the worldwide markets.

Although the company may not be in critical need of financing for its short-term projects, an IPO would dramatically increase the market share of the company relative to its competitors.

Today, the investor class that might be interested in the public promise of Twitter may not be so different from those who were originally interested in the concept of Odeo.

Nevertheless, Evan Williams bought back most of the ownership in Odeo before its share prices skyrocketed, which narrowed the original investment pool considerably.


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