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This is a crisis NOT because you don’t like your job, but because it means you probably should take a shower, and clean up your house, and grade a set of papers, but… No one can be expected to suddenly start waking up at 5AM again. In the past, I have taught works like in January/February, and it’s been a disaster because everyone forgets everything after three days out of school, and I spend more time reviewing than actually reading and teaching.This year, I’ve wised up a little and created independent reading units for my ninth and tenth graders.

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In my previous Homework Help post I shared a couple of my favorite ways to help children learn new spelling and sight words. What I want to share are some strategies that I’ve found most helpful when completing these reading assignments at home. Goal: To get your child to enjoy reading and gain some confidence in his or her reading abilities.

Today I want to discuss that line on your child’s homework sheet that says: “Read with your child”It can be phrased is a variety of ways: Belle’s teacher writes: It can be stated in any number of ways, but the goal is the same. This request seems easy enough, until you are met with resistance from a frustrated reader or a reader who you don’t feel is connecting with the text. Study Strategy: Find a way to make the task of reading a little more interesting or enjoyable.

Ariel has come home with a book titled, “Grandpa Gets Going.” As the title suggests, Grandpa goes to a new location at each page.

I don’t really blame her for thinking the book is boring. As she read each page, I asked what she would have liked to happen that would have made it a better story. She wanted him to go to the park instead of the game.

It will help them as they continue on this reading journey for the rest of their lives.

Independent Reading Assignments

Look out for the next installments of our Homework Help series!You can find books that are of high interest to your child.If Johnny is in his dinosaur phase, then try to pick out some eye-catching books along that theme.The student will still be reading the words and discuss their meaning in the book.They will also be analyzing the parts of the story and where improvements could be made.I’m including the full assignment(s) as a Word document below, but here’s what I’m doing in a nutshell: You can download the entire assignment as an editable Word document here with lots more details/specifics: Independent Reading Assignment – Multicultural (10) Independent Reading Assignment – Fiction (9)In addition, here’s a copy of the “Productivity Log” I give my students: Productivity Log And, here’s the chart I use to keep track of scores we go: Reading Workshop Grading Chart*Bonus* Here’s a fun survey I gave my students about their reading habits before we started: Survey – I think this unit is ideal for three to four weeks max.The only requirement is that they are constantly reading.(This helps with the discrepancies between reading speed, etc.She giggled at her idea that he forgot Grandma and needs to run back to the house.I’m sure Ariel could have read the book in 3 minutes, with very few errors.


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