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The tricky part about cooking in the wilderness is you do not have the same equipment you may find in a kitchen.

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If the lion had to fly solo, the task of getting food and protecting its existence would be a far more daunting task indeed. If every person in the workplace is not united by the common goal of improving the position and business of the company, it would be very hard for the company to be successful indeed.

When everyone strives toward the common goal, they are able to put their mutual discords aside and join hands to achieve that common dream.

In an organized sport such as baseball, volleyball, or soccer, each player must work as a team.

If every member of the team is focused only on performing their best and one-upping the other members of the team, they would be busy competing against each other and never be able to perform well as an entire team.

Even politically speaking, teamwork and unity is essential.

A country truly goes to the dogs where each political leader is busy earning profits from their position, without bothering about what the other leaders have to say and what the country wants and needs.The values provided by the oath gives me confidence and strength, not only in my physical body, but in my mind as well.The most important effect of these values is good leadership, the core foundation of scouting, which has given me the knowledge and ability to lead my peers.And, consequently, we seem to have forgotten the simple matter of standing united.However, it is extremely important to keep in mind that unity and teamwork are the mantras of a successful life and career.Leadership is not just about telling people what to do, but about guiding teammates with positive attitudes, regardless of whether the situation is a sporting game or everyday life.I have already applied these leadership skills within my high school baseball teams and when working summer jobs.A country has a successful government only when each political leader is united in their desire to make the country a truly prosperous and healthy nation.The age old saying goes: ‘United we stand, divided we fall’.It is alright to say and believe that we are capable of handling such disturbances on our own, and we may very well be, but if we are united with a friend, the task will be much easier.It is only through the strength of unity that we can fight off an attacker of ourselves. Even lions hunt in packs; the lion is the leader of a pack of females who engage in the hunting and defend the pride when it is threatened.


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