Importance Of Problem Solving In Math

Indeed, it is one of those coveted 21st Century skills that are now crucial for modern society and the world of work.

We are now in the SATs run up and those pesky reasoning and problem solving papers are on the horizon.

It goes without saying that we want students to be good problem solvers.

Everyone understands the importance of problem solving and equipping children to be able to problem solve.

A current favorite student activity demonstrates a link between the undertone, pattern and composure of music and math.

Importance Of Problem Solving In Math

My students can be seen walking around campus singing and dancing to the Uptown Factors’ parody of “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars.

I have been preparing students the best I can but here’s the problem: while problem solving may be learnable, teaching ‘problem solving’ is hard; some say impossible.

This blog will act as part II of my previous ramble and, having completed it, I realise there will need to be a part III.

In several recent studies, Star and his colleagues have studied the impact of teachers’ use of these materials on their students’ learning.

He calls the results quite promising.“Our research suggests that using our curriculum materials was not especially difficult for teachers, and that students enjoyed and benefited from the emphasis on multiple strategies,” says Star.


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