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Sanders) who claims to own a consulting business but is suspected of being a contract killer with a penchant for perfection.Goren attempts to prove the man's guilt by setting up a scheme that puts his "fear of making a mistake" in jeopardy.

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Goren and Eames enter the closed world of a thieving Irish Traveller clan when they investigate the death of a probation officer who had been run over three times by a car after meeting a friend at the bar (Tom Noonan).

They soon learn the probation officer had been involved with one of her charges.

Mary Rae Thewlis became co-producer starting with the 6th episode, "Malignant".

Warren Leight, who later became co-executive producer and then show runner/executive producer, began as a producer with the 10th episode, "Con-Text".

Having consulted with the lead detective on the old case (Mike Starr), Goren and Eames discover he was involved in a cover-up to rush other cases to closure.

When a woman suing her brother over the disposition of their father's remains is found murdered, Goren and Eames discover a concealed parentage and a man willing to go to any extremes to ensure his legacy.

Show runner/executive producer René Balcer became head writer this season, writing every episode of the season.

Peter Jankowski was promoted to executive producer this season; last season Jankowski was a co-executive producer.

As Goren and Eames sift through the likely suspects in the murder of a university president and his assistant, they discover that the culprit is a wily adversary who has more than these crimes to hide. After he realizes there are cracks in the seemingly airtight case, Goren is forced to keep Carver in the dark about some details to prove his theory.

An assistant district attorney (David Marshall Grant), who had been receiving death threats, confronts and kills a hired gunman. After a mother of two is shot to death in Chinatown, Goren and Eames first believe her death may be connected to the Tiananmen Square massacre.


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