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This idea is key in the Iliad and the theme of remembrance is therefore one which permeates the poem.

The funeral games are of deep significance not only in their commemoration of the dead but also due to the choice of ritual.

In book 12 of the Iliad we see a conversation between Glaucus and Sarpedon which reveals a great deal about the heroic attitude to death and honour.

Sarpedon explains that in order to be heroes they must deserve the praise they receive from other men, they must be fearless in their pursuit of honour and have the courage to be ready to die (12.310-28).

The fact that Hector uses these as his few dying words highlights the great importance of commemoration in the Homeric world.

Inevitably in a poem that is so concerned with war, the Iliad contains a huge amount of death and therefore provides a great deal of insight into way in which the dead were commemorated.


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