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You will study a nineteenth century novel, a play by Shakespeare in addition to a modern drama text and a poetry anthology.

You will also develop the skills to analyze literary texts that you have never seen before.

The course will develop your ability to read critically as well as to appreciate the different components of literary texts and literary criticism.

By the end of the course, you should have a detailed understanding of structure, genre, language and form.

English IGCSE will equip you to be able to engage with texts and language with confidence and insight.

You will develop a sensitivity to language choices and language can be used to persuade, engage and direct a reader.Concision and brevity were key in the teaching here. Sentence 2: Identify a question based on what the author wants us to think of the key theme/character named in the exam question.For example, take this exam question on : "How does Priestley present the theme of equality in the play?English Literature is a rigorous and stimulating course which provides students with the opportunity to explore literary texts and develop their analytical and written skills.This qualification is very highly rated by schools and universities and is recommended for students who would like to study any essay-based analytical A-level such as English language, English literature, History, Politics or Classical Civilization.By reducing the introduction to two critical sentences, my students were able to write a focused start to their essay, which also provided a shape and a direction that they could follow for the rest of their analysis, helping them to access the higher mark bands. My class’s introductions improved and so did their essays, as they were finally able to say what they’re going to say and then to say it. For high-ability students, the challenge of the new English literature GCSE is getting them to think beyond the confines of the text, while also developing conceptualised, coherent, critical responses. So, I set about finding a way to teach my students to write better introductions. After teaching all the relevant contextual information (the traits of a tragic hero, the core principles of Marxism and so forth) that students would need to support their arguments when writing about , I started to encourage them to embed questions within their introductions, which they would then endeavour to answer throughout their essay. Firstly, if they knew the phrasing and structure of an introduction before entering the exam room, their cognitive load would be reduced during the exam itself. "This essay will discuss the writer’s presentation of..." Blah, blah. And for my top set class, this was just not going to cut the band 6 mustard.Whether you’re studying for a test, an AP exam, or a college course, you can take some steps to help you achieve your goals.This Edexcel International GCSE from 2011 English Literature specification has now replaced the 2009 specification, which had its final assessment in January 2012.


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