If I Could Change The World Essay

We had a great relationship but many people would call it strange. She wanted me to call her Aunt Jan so that’s what I did. She had a saying “Lord keep one hand on my shoulder, and the other on my mouth.” So back to the phone call. After finally telling her something different than money, we’d hang up.

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''I went to my room in the basement and started pounding the typewriter,'' he recalled. It was the most terrible summer of my life, worse than being in the war. I've still got it, reams of it, but I'm not willing to look at it.

My conscience kept telling me not to go, but my whole upbringing told me I had to. It was just stuff - bitter, bitter stuff, and it's probably full of self-pity.

It was finally December and that meant it was almost Christmas!

Christmas time meant a million phone calls from every family member asking what I wanted. It was the phone call from my grandmom that always stuck out to me. I did this because she always said she was to young to be a grandmom. That’s what I loved, but sometimes hated, about her. ” Then it would go on to “So Bella you know it’s that time of the year right.” We’d talk about how I’ve already talked to a billion people and told them all the same thing, I just want money.

However, based off of this story, when a person is at war they need to learn to trust people extremely fast. Jensen nodded his head and said “I swear,”...” Lee died shortly after that.

The two men made a pact that if either of them ever got critically injured in battle, than the other would kill him. When Lee got his leg blown off this pact went out the window. In this scenario Jensen embraced change extremely quickly and went back on his written word. Many people would have stuck with it because they wouldn’t want to change what they said.Jensen wouldn’t kill his friend because he didn’t want to have that burden.Before Lieutenant Jimmy Cross went to war he met a woman named Martha. Throughout the beginning of the book he could not stop thinking of her. He had loved martha more than his men, and as a consequence Lavender was now dead, and this was something he would have to carry in his stomach for the rest of the war.” Soon after that he came to a realization “...A few months before the Christmas of 2012 we got some bad news. It was a really hard thing for all of us to wrap our heads around because none of us saw it coming. Unfortunately, on one sad day in May of 2013, my grandmom lost her battle to breast cancer.Cancer had gotten the best of her and none of us could believe it.Ignoring or not embracing change is one of the worst mistakes a person could make.Dave Jensen and Lee Strunk didn’t start off as friends at all.When the men in “The Things They Carry” get drafted into war they are forced to face many changes in their lives.To cope with all of these changes many people shut them out and ignore them.This caused him to lead his men into a bad situation and someone got killed. and because he realized that she did not love him and never would.” When Jimmy Cross went into the war he wasn’t ready to embrace the change of leaving Martha behind.Jimmy hung onto Martha like a little kid with a pacifier who just isn’t ready to give it up.


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