I Am Proud To Be A Girl Essay

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Today I am at Mom 2.0 Summit focusing on my infinite potential to success and I am proud of myself to doing it.

When I bought the ticket, I didn’t know where I would be in a professional sense but I knew that I wanted to invest in myself and my business.

I am truly proud to be a Muslim because I know Islam is the right religion and I am on the right path.

Islam is the second largest religion in the world and the fastest growing religion in the world. Islam tells us everything from what happens to us when we are born to when we die and also what is going to happen to us after death.

However, even though female labor was essential to U. involvement in WWII, women were rarely paid more than 50 percent of what their male coworkers were earning at the time. workforce is female, and 70 percent of women in the workforce also have children under 18 at home, as well.

Currently, women are still working their butts off in spite of the wage gap. (Which basically means they're never not working.)The Harry Potter, Hunger Games, 50 Shades of Grey and Twilight series are some of the most popular books of all time — and I'm sure you're well aware that they were written by female authors.These types of connections are so incredibly important when you are working for yourself.I’m connecting with brands, I’m connecting with other influencers, and I won’t know until later how well those connections have paid off.And more women are graduating from college now than at any other point in history — today, women in the workforce are more likely to have a bachelor's degree than not, and 21 percent more likely than their male peers to have completed college.Earning a college degree is no joke, and the fact that more women are graduating from college than ever before (especially when there are still corners of the planet where women risk physical harm to attend school) definitely makes me feel proud to be a woman — and it should make you feel proud, too.But I do know that my potential is only limited by the effort that I put into my career. I’ve built others up and have taken joy in their accomplishments. Or connect with and network with their peers, even with social anxiety.When I’m living with depression, it can feel impossible to believe that I have potential. I’ve loved seeing colleagues who I know work so hard make in-roads with brands. I also had a chance to stay one night with my Aunt and Uncle, and have loved seeing their accomplishments as well.But what's even more impressive about these female rulers is the fact that they earned worldwide respect at a time when women were even more disadvantaged than they are today. Women were also important to the Industrial Revolution, often moving far from home and taking dangerous and low-paying jobs in order to support their families or live independently without familial support. And as you may already know, even women who didn't join the military started joining the workforce in record numbers between the years of 19 to fill gaps left in the American labor force by male enlistment.The percentage of working women jumped from 27 percent to 37 percent during these years, and more married women started working outside of their homes than ever before.When embryos first begin developing inside a woman's womb, they follow what Live Science calls a "female blueprint." It isn't until around the 60 day mark that those embryos with a Y chromosome start to go through the testosterone-fueled cellular changes to their genitals and brain that make them male. Despite what some people think, women have always worked.Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria, Cleopatra and Joan of Arc are just a few examples of the amazing women from our world's history who have earned global respect for how they governed and inspired people. Women played valuable roles in the pre-Industrial market economy by laboring on family farms. Armed Forces during World War II (both domestically and abroad).


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