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Thesis topic: Adapting Life Cycle Analysis (LCV) methodology for assessing the environmental impacts of processes and equipment inputting into agriculture.Nick recovers a sediment core for his Ph D project.

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Nevertheless, we seem inexplicably hell-bent on racing to collective suicide, cooking the planet, and wiping out the ecological bases of human life on Earth.

It’s not that we don’t know what we have to do to save ourselves: a recent poll of forty countries found that large majorities of their peoples supported placing limits on , 71 percent in China.1 And it’s not that we lack the technical means to apply the brake on the race to collapse. Mostly what we have to do is just stop doing what we’re doing.

Today much of this landscape has been transformed into a mosaic of secondary forest and agricultural fields.

This thesis uses palaeoecological proxies (pollen, non-pollen palynomorphs, charcoal, organic content) to interpret ecosystem dynamics during the late Quaternary, unravelling the vegetation history of the landscape and the relationship between people and the montane cloud forest of the eastern Andean flank of Ecuador.

And yet: Why are we cooking the climate, consuming the future?

Why can’t we slam on the brakes before we barrel off the cliff to collapse?

Two new sedimentary records are examined from the montane forest adjacent to the Río Cosanga (Vinillos) and in the Quijos Valley (Huila).

These sites characterise the natural dynamics of a pre-human arrival montane forest and reveal how vegetation responded during historical changes in local human populations.


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