Human Growth Hormone Research Paper

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If they were on any growth hormone therapy, they underwent a 14-day washout period.

The subjects were divided and dosed by age and gender.

All subjects received one injection per month for 5 months.

Cohort A comprised 21 men and women aged 35 years or older, who took 0.6 mg/kg per month.

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Human Growth Hormone Research Paper

– An extended-release human growth hormone formulation proved safe and effective in both children and adults, offering the prospect of a less-rigorous dosing schedule and potentially better patient compliance with treatment.

Cohort B comprised six men and women younger than 35 years, who took 0.8 mg/kg per month.

Cohort C comprised eight women taking oral estrogen contraceptives. The cohorts were similar in body mass index and weight, but they did differ significantly in baseline IGF-1 levels. In cohort B, it was 2.89 SDs below normal, and in cohort C, it was 2.29 SDs below.

The women taking estrogen experienced the flattest response, gaining about 2 SDs.

However, the response curve was nearly identical, with a rapid, sharp increase in IGF-1 within the first week, followed by a gradual decline to baseline by 22 days.


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