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We’ll use stem cell technologies to expand the number of eggs that prospective mothers can use in IVF and therefore the range of reproductive options for parents.We’ll deploy gene editing tools far more precise than today’s CRISPR systems to make heritable genetic changes to our future offspring.History of Genetic Engineering With the cloning of Dolly the Sheep and subsequent episodes, as well as the heightened debate of genetic engineering and modification that ensued, one might think that genetic engineering is new. Approximately 10,000 years ago the beginnings of agriculture came about in the form of selections of wild grasses and subsequent breeding in cultivation to form the precursors of modern staples such as wheat, rice and maize.

Mr Metzl: We have internalised the idea that information technology is variable, which is why we expect each generation of our phones and computers to be better than the last.But the healthcare applications of genetic technologies are only a station along the way to where these technologies are taking us.Our ability to select embryos during in vitro fertilisation (IVF)—based on informed genetic predictions of both health-related traits and intimate characteristics like height, IQ and personality style—will grow over the coming years.In the words of Jamie Metzl, we are "Hacking Darwin," the title of his latest book.It is a thoughtful romp through new genetic technologies, with insights on what it means for individuals, society and even great-power politics.If we want to avoid dividing our species into genetic have and have-nots—a dangerous reduction in our diversity—or a genetic determinism that undermines our humanity, we’ll need to start living our values.But though we need to be mindful of the dangers, we must also keep in mind that these technologies have the potential to do tremendous good.It’s harder for us to come to grips with the idea that our biology could be as variable as our IT, even though we understand intellectually that somehow we evolved from single cell organisms to complex humans over the past 3.8 billion years.Starting to see all of life, including our own, as increasingly manipulable will force us to think more deeply about what values will guide us as we begin altering biology more aggressively.Since then breakthroughs in genetic engineering have occurred on an ongoing basis, with one of the latest being one in 2004 at Seoul National University in South Korea: first human embryos created that were true clones of the sixteen women who provided the cells to make them.(A History of Genetic Engineering, 2005) What are the benefits of Genetic Engineering?


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