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Human Evolution Ardipithecus ramidus This species was announced in September 1994.It is thought to be the oldest known hominid species. The majority of the fossils found were skull fragments.

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We are now the only living members of what many zoologists refer to as the human tribe, .

The fossils were mostly found in Kanapoi Kenya in 1988. The shape of their jaw was fully parabolic, like that of humans, and the canine teeth have reduced in size. aethiopicus existed between 2.6 and 2.3 million years ago.

Anamensis is thought to Footprints of this species were discovered in 1978 by Paul Abel at Laetoli in Tanzania. This species fossils were discovered by Raymond Dart in 1924 at Taung in south Africa. This species is known from the Black Skull specimen discovered by Alan Walker in 1985 near West Turkana in Kenya. It has a small cranium capacity for a hominid and has a strange combination of primitive and advanced features.

Particular attention is paid to the fossil evidence for this history and to the principal models of evolution that have gained the most credence in the scientific community.

the article evolution for a full explanation of evolutionary theory, including its main proponents both before and after Darwin, its arousal of both resistance and acceptance in society, and the scientific tools used to investigate the theory and prove its validity.


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