Human Biology Coursework Respiration

This course is designed for biology majors and is an introduction to life functions at the cellular and molecular levels.

Students learn about cellular structure and the macromolecular architecture of the cell, the functional processes of cellular energetics, metabolic regulation, photochemical activities, reproduction, molecular and Mendelian genetics, regulation of gene expression, and methods of recombinant DNA technology.

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Students will investigate the relationships between normal structure and function in human cells, tissues and organs.

In Human Biology IB coverage of organ systems builds on content presented in Human Biology IA.Emphasis is on physiology and structures of representative plants and animals.Topics include development, behavioral biology, ecology, and population genetics.Course content is divided into five modules: Cardiovascular System; Respiratory System; Digestive System and Metabolism; Urinary Systems; and Infection and Immunity.As well as introducing students to content, emphasis is placed on developing skills in research, critical analysis and communication of scientific information relevant to the study of humans.Emphasis is placed on evaluating the nutrient content of foods, applying information to personal diet, and using reference tools.This course prepares students for a travel experience focused on biological concepts, including evolution, as shown by ecosystems and adaptations of organisms.This course introduces microorganisms in nature: their cellular and molecular structure and functions, metabolisms, genetics, gene regulation, and techniques and procedures used by microbiologists.Emphasis is on microbes that play important roles in human daily life, especially those that cause disease and impact the environment.Study of the nature of the physical and chemical aspects of life, the concepts of cellular biology, life as it exists on earth today, plant and animal interrelationships and interdependencies, and the role of humans in the world of living things.This introductory course addresses the biological perspective and scientific method, the chemical and cellular bases of life, cellular transport and energetics, reproduction, heredity, classification of organisms and their evolution, plant and animal physiology, and ecology.


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