Huckleberry Finn Essays On Morality

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Huck knew that any “sivilized” person would believe that helping Jim run away was wrong, but he still helped Jim because deep down inside, he knew that it was the right and moral thing to do.From the beginning of the story to the end, Huckleberry Finn’s morals change rather dramatically and the novel focuses largely on this.

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In the end, he decides to do what he knows is the right thing to do, even though society at the time would disagree.

Shortly after Huck fakes his death and runs away he meets Jim, a slave who has run away from his owner Miss Watson.

He believes that helping Jim is wrong, but he refuses to betray his friend, because he knows that would be wrong as well.

Today it seems obvious that Huck was doing the right thing in helping Jim escape from slavery, since society has now recognized that slavery is wrong.

As the story progresses, Huck begins to see Jim, not just as a slave, but as a person, and as his friend.

Before Huck ran away, he learned many of society’s morals from his “sivilized” lifestyle.Early in the book, Huck is shown to have a low level of maturity and is very naive.He relies more on the opinions of others more so than his own.Jim on the other hand is very reluctant to do so, but he feels obliged to follow Huck along anyways because he is a slave and Huck is white.On the wreck the two find a gang of robbers and a tied up man, they decide to leave immediately at this site.But in Huck’s time, helping Jim to escape was considered stealing, and Huck knew stealing was wrong.However, Huck also knew that helping his friend Jim was the right thing to do, even if “sivilized” society, at the time, thought it was wrong.At first Huck sees no problem with helping Jim, and is only glad that he now has some company.As Huck goes on his adventure with Jim though, he has numerous internal debates regarding whether he should help Jim to escape or not.Huck knows he is defying society by not turning Jim in, but he continues to stay by Jim’s side and feels he can’t betray him as their friendship grows.This is an internal moral struggle for Huck, because he knows to society he is “wrong,” but to him their friendship made it “right.


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