How To Write Thesis Statements For Research Papers

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An argument, in this sense, does not mean a dispute or a bald unsupported statement of views.

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That’s one reason you will probably write the introduction and conclusion of your paper last.

The introduction is where you will initially state your argument.

For example: “Lipson is obviously wrong, once again, when he says . It takes weeks, sometimes months, to develop a compelling argument. But remember, if you knew exactly what you were going to say before you started, the whole research paper would be boring—to you and probably to your readers.

Most of us begin with some general ideas and puzzling problems, hone the questions, find the right methods to investigate them, and then gradually work out some coherent answers. ” If nothing could, then you don’t have an argument, you have either a tautology or a theology. You want a thoughtful perspective, not circular reasoning.

If you can explain both in a straightforward, accessible way, you pass with flying colors.

If you can do it before you reach the fourth floor, you are well on your way to a great thesis statement. A specifically bourgeois economic ethic had grown up.All this effort pays off in a well-grounded perspective, one that can persuade a skeptical reader. It takes time and hard thinking to hone your perspective and distill it into a few sentences. A succinct, well-reasoned argument is the heart of your research paper. You want a thesis statement, not a secular religion. The best way is to build on your research paper proposal by writing a very brief paper proposing your slant on the subject. If you have more than one idea for the thesis statement, write down each one separately. If you can express it in a single sentence, so much the better.What if you start your research paper with a tentative argument already in mind? This is not supposed to be a polished paper; it is merely a rough statement of your main idea, your prospective argument. As long as this paragraph captures your basic thrust, it can prompt a useful discussion with your instructor.It often requires you to write better than the turgid academic articles you’ve plowed through, where ideas are cloaked in jargon. Don’t let them mislead you into thinking this is the only way to sound intelligent or present a research paper. You can do that by stating clearly which authors and which perspectives you are drawing on, and which ones you reject.It’s helpful to readers if you differentiate your argument from others and identify these alternatives with specific scholars. .” The emphasis, however, should be on developing your own position and evaluating it honestly and rigorously.Even a preliminary thesis argument is helpful because it will guide your research.That’s why it is helpful to do it early in the process, perhaps in the third month, after you’ve completed your background reading.But for now, let’s concentrate on developing your main argument. No matter how complicated and subtle your overall research paper, your argument should be expressed in clear, pointed language.A reader should be able to say, “I agree with that” or “That just can’t be right!” To frame an argument like this requires some serious thinking to boil down your views and some intellectual bravery to state them directly, without weasel words. It takes time to develop your viewpoint and the reasoning behind it, to turn a tentative thesis into a fully developed one.It demands careful thinking about how to support it and how to respond to skeptics. Once you have developed an argument, it’s important to show how it fits into your field of study.


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